Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wow Fish APK v2.20
Wow Fish APK v2.20 is a fish game wich a very exciting game to play, so wait no more please download this game for your android on my blog

a carefully-designed fishing game that presents its players with fancy UI design, interesting fishing strategies, abundant kinds of sea animals and fluent gaming experience.What’s special in our awesome Wow Fish!:

  • Super fluent gaming experience will bring you the real joy of fishing;
  • Various eye-catching seafloor views and vivid sea animals are all designed with 3-D animation; more excitingly, more scenes and animals will be added into Wow Fish! family;
  • The higher fishing level you reach, the more sea animals you will attract, and the more rewards you will earn. Wanna catch mysterious mermaids and fierce whales in the ocean? Fish hard and get upgraded!
  • You will get larger fishing nets if you get to higher fishing levels; also, your hit rate will increase and the visual experience will become more stimulating;
  • Wow Fish! has both Chinese and English versions; come and join fishermen all over the world!
  • Most importantly, Wow Fish! team has been continuously working hard to improve the game by adding more content and strategies. Feel free to tell us whatever wild ideas you have in your mind!

What's in this version:
  • Newly added globefish,it can be activated by Gold in the store, or buy it directly.
  • Newly added globefish tide, achievement and tasks.

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